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The Nightmare Continues

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Hello? [Sunday 25 May 2014- 8:27pm]
So does anyone actually still use this?

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[Sunday 5 February 2012- 11:58am]
Mcl surgery this week!
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[Saturday 18 June 2011- 2:51am]
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[Saturday 4 June 2011- 3:43am]
Why do I feel so trapped in my own head? I think I'm happy but when in reality I'm just more confused. Scared even. We all have our demons, but I think most can overcome them or escape, maybe even igore them. I never seems I'm never been able to do that. I don't know. I don't want to even begin to think like this. But I have been. A lot lately. Old habits die hard. Its only a matter of time.
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Why? [Tuesday 10 May 2011- 12:55am]
I called my mom on Mother's day and wished her a Happy Mothers day.

Why the fuck did I do that?
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Bitter sweet. [Wednesday 24 November 2010- 9:00am]
Yup, today is bitter sweet for me. More then likely it will be my last day at the mall. Now last year at the same time if you asked me if I could go back to Linden I'd be all smiles, but today not so much. I'm leaving to many friends behind at the mall, and its sad to an extent. And on the flipside of it, almost all my friends in Linden are gone. Meh.

The only good that will come of this is no more 3 hours of travel everyday.
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Why? [Monday 22 November 2010- 1:52pm]
I saw the new Harry Potter film the other night. It was a very somber film. I enjoyed it but it didn't end where i thought it would and where it did end I cried. Damn you JK Rowling. lol

I'd live to thank those who offered words on my last post. It meant a lot.

Well I'm hoping there isn't much left to do at work. With the store closing and such I've been tired and even though I'm offf tomorrow i need to clean up for family.

Yay me. -_-;
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Yup. [Saturday 20 November 2010- 5:05pm]
What is with me lately? I've been moody as hell. Slightly if not a whole lot depressed. Hating my job. In general not wanting to deal much with life.

I don't remember if i mentioned this or not, but i recently spoke to my mother for the first time in over 20 years. Now the conversation was fairly odd. Hearing her voise was scary in some respect, but i really needed to do that for my own curiosity. Aftermath wise, it sucked. I don't want a relationship with her. I don't. But I do have the urge to call her.

Yup. That is one of many dilemmas i have. What to do is the question I don't have the answer to.

Such is life.
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why? [Monday 18 October 2010- 8:13am]
Why am i up this morning? If i could have gotten away with calling out today, my ass would still be sawing wood.
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Boo. [Tuesday 5 October 2010- 11:36am]
I wanna say something, but i dont. Does that make any sense?

Whatever. lol Off to work i go.

Shoot me.
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Hi! [Monday 27 September 2010- 9:36am]
Good morning. I refuse to let this die. lol. Anyways...

Well as of right i might be getting asm and heading back to my old store. Im hoping that it happens this week, but who knows. I should finally get it, but this is retail. *facepalm*

Time to get my game on, Halo Reach, here I come! days off are a beautiful thing.

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hi [Wednesday 21 July 2010- 8:11am]
On the bus I go to work. I particularly don't want to go and leave the warmth of my bed. But unfortunately I need money and gamestop isn't the worst job in the world by far.
You know I miss posting in here sometimes but nowadays twitter and even to a far lesser extent offer quick little pinches of life that livejournal doesn't exactly lend itself too.
By all means I'm not saying goodbye to lj at all.
However I do spend far less time online then I used to and more time on my cell. Sad thing is, I'm typing this from my cell.

Anyone who actually still reads this have twitter or Facebook, by all means leave a comment and ill be sure to add you.

later for now.

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hello [Thursday 15 October 2009- 8:21am]
Hello there. I keep forgetting I can post through my cell.

Well I made a key holder postion in gamestop. Entry level management. Joy. It's okay at least. small raise and much more hours. The one cool thing is they started ranking us in our district and ive been ranking in the top 3. Hopefully I'll get assistant manager soon.

Bunch of other stuff going on. Eh. I'm a ball of stress. Save me please?
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meh [Friday 28 August 2009- 2:03am]
Not much to say. there might be good news soon, I hope at least.
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hi [Monday 24 August 2009- 1:59am]
Hey there. I'm doing this from my cell. Anyone still read this?
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[Sunday 14 June 2009- 1:07am]
You know, lately it seems like I only write in here when something is really bothering me. It does feel good when people comment and it very much thanked for. I appreciate it very much.

Does that mean I'm bothered at the moment? Yes, but no comments for this. I'll just deal.

Its what I do.

[Friday 15 May 2009- 3:21am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yeah, I know I haven't really updated in a while but truth be told I've been dealing with a lot of crap lately and a lot of it isn't very good. The amount of stress sucks balls and it needs to get fixxed, fast.


If you really wanna know, just ask me. I want to post the details, but I don't as well.

Whatever. Later.

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[Wednesday 25 March 2009- 1:52am]
Simply too much stress in life.

And it sucks.
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Sonic Genisis Collection [Friday 13 February 2009- 1:52am]
Now the Sega Genisis collection that just came out is one of the best colections I've seen in a long time, but the one thing that is trully confounding me is the fact that they have all the Sonic title from the Genisis, including Sonic And Knuckles but no lock on feature.


Sega, yet again you disapoint me. you could have created a perfect collection and that one glaring ommision hurts. Great that you have ALL FOUR Phantasy Stars. Never mind Beyond Oasis and Shining Force. You left that stupid little feature out. I don't care this is the fourth Sonic collection I've bought. I wanted it.

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[Tuesday 10 February 2009- 10:13am]
[ mood | sore ]

Well i was at comic con this Saturday. Its been years since i went to it and i must admit i was there for more then just comic books as I haven't really read anything recent in years.This show had a massive video game presence there. I thought that this was as close to an E3 event like that I'd be able to go to unless I make it to PAX later this year.The main reason to go for me at least was to meet the penny arcade guys and that is what I did. I even got Gabe( not his real name, I know) to draw on one of the posters I picked up. I also met Peter Laird. That to me was a huge personal thing as I grew up watching the Turles like so many other kids have. He even drew a turtle head on the poster I got. I did me the guy behind Vgcats as well and he was really cool. The other big one I got to meet was Jim Lee. For years I've wanted to meet him and it was just luck that I did. After watching the Wolverine demobeing played, there was Jim Lee at the Activision booth, sining poster for Prototype. I got on line and since it wasn't an announce signing got two posters signed by him. Also during that I got selected for a focus group thing that netted me coppies of Guitar Hero World Tour and Call Of Duty World at War.

Other then that my back is killing me. Time for a vicodin.

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